61 - 13 / El Fuego


They received invitations to a party.

Everyone came punctually. It was a perfect evening. In a perfect residence.

There was exquisite wine. Tasty food. And fire. A lot of fire. Games to delight all the senses. Even the lowest desires.

Very soon alcohol did its job. The guests just relaxed. They approached each other. There were signs of affection. Friction. Caresses. Kisses.

Suddenly everything went dark. No electricity. No music. No noises. The guests dressed up in silence.

"Let's get out of here," said a beautiful young woman with fleshy lips.

"The party is over, friends," said a half-naked old man.


Something happened. Something so powerful that none could have foreseen it.

Flames erupted from the walls, from the floor, from the furniture. Fire everywhere. Fire that caught everyone present.

They shrieked. They kicked trying to escape from the residence.

From a secret place He observed everything. He or She, it’s certainly not known, because it lacks a certain sex.

He-She appreciated how each of the guests was charred. The embers ate everything in their path. They spared no one's life.

When the last dying cry fell silent, He-She entered the great living room of the house. He-She dodged the smoking corpses. He-She was excited. His-Her blood was warm. Very hot.

He-She chose an armchair and sat down.

"Happy birthday to me," he-she muttered, clapping.

The echo of applause was repeated throughout the other areas of the residence, until it became extinct.

The night was still perfect.


from AVRAL - El Goce del Silencio (Trilogía I), released August 2, 2019


all rights reserved



Incubico Sonoro Buenos Aires, Argentina

INCUBICO SONORO is the sound-sculpting section of INCUBISMO.

INCUBISMO is an aesthetic, philosophical and cultural avant-garde collective born on 2006 in Buenos Aires.
It is focused on symbolic, archetypical, surreal and occult matters that lurk since ever on the human phenomenon: in body, mind, soul and spirit. INCUBISMO radically expresses itself via visuals, sounds and literature.
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