12 - 65 / El Goce


They were opposites on everything.

12 worked in a small, suffocating office.

65 was self-employed and cosmetics saleswoman.

They were opposites but they coincided in something: a morbid pleasure, an unachievable utopia. They both dreamed about stabbing each other.

They wanted to watch themselves bleed, but the Law forbade it. The taboo eaten by politicians and spiritual leaders. The Taboo that burns the criminals’ imagination.

The anguish grew. It was the covert need. 65 and 12 met in a pub to chat. The theme -the axis of conversation- was always the same: to imagine what it would be like feeling the blade entering their bodies... the warm blood flowing through the wound...

It was just a matter of time.

The first to fail was 12. Her job performance became ruinous. Her mind was deviated, occupied by her daydream.

65 also staggered: she lost many clients. Her tax debts grew. She didn’t pay the bills and saw them piling up.

Very soon the two friends realized that they had to fulfil what they so longed for: to leave the Rule of Law, the supposed irrational crime... The only thing that mattered was to CONSUMATE THE DESIRE.

They prepared themselves. They waited for the snow of winter. The white snowflakes. The tears of the skies.

They chose the day, it had to be the sum of their names, that is 77.

On the seventh day of the seventh month, they waited for the night to fall. Then they took off their clothes. Naked, facing each other, they knelt.

12 lifted a knife. It was beautiful, just bought. Its blade shone thanks to the candles they placed in the room.

SHE STABBED HER FRIEND. Of a swift, precise thrust. 65 bled. In her face there was happiness, ecstasy!

"More... another one" begged her friend. 12 did not hesitate, held the knife firmly and proceeded to stab again at 65.

The floor filled with red liquid, while the friends groaned loudly, enjoying every second of the act.

It didn't matter what would happen when dawn enlighted that room.

All that mattered was pleasure. Fantasy became true.

Beyond... an indefinable Kingdom.


from AVRAL - El Goce del Silencio (Trilogía I), released August 2, 2019


all rights reserved



Incubico Sonoro Buenos Aires, Argentina

INCUBICO SONORO is the sound-sculpting section of INCUBISMO.

INCUBISMO is an aesthetic, philosophical and cultural avant-garde collective born on 2006 in Buenos Aires.
It is focused on symbolic, archetypical, surreal and occult matters that lurk since ever on the human phenomenon: in body, mind, soul and spirit. INCUBISMO radically expresses itself via visuals, sounds and literature.
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